Nov 19, 2010

Reader Participation Day!

It's Friday, Thanksgiving is coming up, and if you're lucky enough to have a job, you're probably spending the afternoon on Facebook. With that in mind, ZardsALards! has two opportunities, for you, the reader, to get involved in the NBA's online community:

1. This morning, while happily perusing various Wiz related items over a delicious bowl of Count Chocula and dreaming up scenarios in which the Wizards win the championship (basically, reverse Space Jam), we stumbled across this piece of vicious Celtic fan bullying. What a bunch of gloating gloaters.

Do you think Internet bullying is a problem? Do you wish you could deliver the Celtics their comeuppance but don't currently play in the NBA? Do you delight in introducing dissonant sound to an echo chamber? Well then get over to the comment section at CelticsHub and say something! Feel free to read my defense of the Zards for inspiration (comment #36, in case by the time you get there the wall is flooded with pro Wiz posts, a likely likelihood). If ZA nation can muster three pro-Wizards comments, we'll declare a national holiday. Posts in the form of haiku count for two.

2. Apparently Antonio Daniels, former Wizards great, is playing for the DLeague's Texas Legends as he attempts to bounce back from a 2009 knee surgery. Last night he scored 19 points in a heartbreaking loss to last year's DLeague champs, the Rio Grande Vipers.

In honor of AD's courageous spirit, ZardsALards! is commissioning our first ever contribution. If you can make it to Frisco, Texas and obtain a one on one interview with Antonio Daniels, ZA will pay up to $10 for the resulting profile. In the meantime, emotional discussions of Mr. Daniels' too brief time with the Wizards are welcome below.

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