Feb 7, 2012

Five Hole

The Wizards tied the Toronto Raptors Monday night, 105-105. To get there, the Wiz frittered away an 18-point lead, missed a whole bunch of free throws, and played Maurice Evans five minutes in the 4th quarter. Before the roughly 3,000 spectators (admittedly a guess, but the announced attendance is such a shameful lie we couldn't bring ourselves to repeat it) could locate the exits and turn out the lights, an additional period was played.

In the overtime, the two teams combined for one basket, a Jordan Crawford layup on the first possession. It was free throws from there out, and the officials declined to conceal their bitterness, blowing the whistle with arbitrary disdain. Here at ZA, we don't go in much for ref bashing, but that crew stunk. Ron Garretson is lucky he didn't get checked into another scorer's table.

In the end, with a great deal of help from Toronto, the Wiz emerged victorious, 111-108. Our record is now well above .500 against teams that are the Bobcats and the Raptors (4-1). Against the rest of the league, not so much (1-19).

Bigger picture: half price pizza


  1. Pizza tastes better when its topped with victory.

  2. we're 4 n 1 against the rapcats. awesome.

    uhhh, that would have been a much cooler name than the wizards (tho without the zards there would be no alards, which would be a damn shame)

    might there be time between all the wiz victories for a discussion of why DC basketball suffered the switch from the bullets to the wizards?

    surely this is the kind of season where you can poke at every single possible issue that could be weighing this team down (cuz its definitely not Javale, though Andray does have a fatass). tmac, can you at least appease me with a multiple choice offering of possible team names (there's definitely some blogger option for this) - a good part of the game is pyschological and it aint convincing as a competitor to be reppin a name that doesn't inspire glory. i'm convinced that our boys are struggling to don their intimidation caps when they could just call it a season and go back to doing what they do best ie wave their wands over at Good Guys.