Dec 2, 2010

Chalk Up?

The Miami Heat play the Cleveland Cavaliers at 8 tonight on TNT. You should watch.

Forget the NBA and forget basketball. You can even change the channel before the opening tip. But watch the pre-game introductions, because they will be as emotional as television gets.

Tonight is Cleveland's last appearance on the national stage for quite a while. The Cavs stink, their owner is a psycho, and when Lebron left he turned the lights out on an entire city. Not only that, he did it on national television. Down in Florida the Heat may be struggling, but they'll figure it out. Whether or not they win championships, Miami can bank on great, entertaining basketball played in the spotlight for years to come.

By the next time the Heat play the Cavs, the rest of the country will have moved on. Cleveland gets it. This is their "Decision" moment. More than the t-shirts, more than the YouTube videos, more than the jersey bonfires, this is their best shot at letting James know how they feel with everyone watching.

So if you're into catharsis and raw emotion, find a television at 8 tonight. Because it's gonna be a 20,562-person group therapy session.

Oh and if he does this?

Look out

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  1. adding a video of mr evans saying 'ruh roh!' would be a nice touch here