Dec 19, 2010

Hellllooooooo Rashard!

So, you think everything's fine and dandy now that Gilbert's gone? You think there couldn't possibly be another contract out there as bad as the 4 years and 80 million left on Gilbert's? WRONG!

Fun facts about Rashard Lewis, the player the Wiz received from Orlando in a trade for Gilbert Arenas:
  • Rashard Lewis is averaging 12 points a game.
  • Rashard Lewis has some funky, King Tut style facial hair that escapes comment most of the time (not here Rashard!)
  • Rashard Lewis is averaging 4 rebounds a game. He is 6 foot 10.
  • Rashard Lewis is averaging .4 blocks a game. See above.
  • Rashard Lewis has three years and 63 million dollars left on his contract.
That last one is a real kick in the pants. Turns out, Rashard and Gilbert have basically the same contract, although Rashard's ends a year before Gil's. Which means at least two years of watching that stupid Erector set style three pointer.

Here at ZA, we get why the Wiz made the deal. Gilbert was a big, distracting reminder of the past who, despite saying the right things, did not play well with the future (Mr. Wall). But Rashard?

The Wiz have two huge problems. They don't rebound, and they don't play defense. Rashard is THE WORST REBOUNDING POWER FORWARD IN THE LEAGUE (sorry, when you're the worst, you get all caps) and a bad defender. At 31, his production has declined steadily for the last three seasons.

So you know what, let's not talk about this trade in terms of Rashard. He'll get some time at the 3 and the 4 and eventually he'll go away and we'll have a whole bunch of cap space. Really, this trade just frees up playing time for Nick Young in the backcourt. That's great and all, but man, imagine if someone told you in 2007 that we'd eventually trade Gilbert Arenas to get Nick Young more PT. Crazy.


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