Jan 12, 2011

de Young

The Wiz took on the Kings tonight and played an interesting game of basketball. Interesting, yeah, that's the word. They won the first quarter 37-18 and the third quarter 40-27, but lost the second quarter 37-16 and the fourth quarter 43-32. Having checked with our crack team of statisticians, that's gotta be some kinda record.

With the score tied at the end of regulation the referees consulted the rulebook and found, to their delight and ours, that an overtime would need to be played. In the five minutes that ensued Washington crushed Sacramento 10-7, clearly establishing themselves as a vastly superior squad.

So maybe we won 136 to 133. Or maybe we tied 126 to 126 and then won a separate practically unrelated game of lightning basketball 10-7. Either way, the Wizards are now the 27th team to join the double digit win club (10-26). Not impressed? Consider this: the Wizards have played 18 games on the road and won none. 0-18! Impressive.

Tomorrow, we'll contemplate the greatness of Nick Young, who scored 43 points in the win. Until then, contemplate the greatness of Nick Young's postgame remarks.

"I'm going to talk trash to teammates. Might give Gil a call and talk trash. Yeah, it's going to be a lot of trash talking going on."

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  1. imagine the trash talkin after our recent ROAD win against cleveland!