May 13, 2011

Cook v. Dade

Well, Blogger has deleted all traces of our most recent post regarding Jeff Teague crackin eggs on Larry Drew's noggin. Presumably its popularity was causing Google's servers to crash. We'll take it as a compliment and keep moving.

In the meantime, the Heat eliminated the Celtics and the Bulls dispatched the Hawks, setting the stage for a powerhouse Eastern Conference Finals. Across the country people are scrambling to get back on the Miami bandwagon, and can you blame them?

16 straight points, the last 10 from Lebron. Against one of the proudest, most experienced, most skilled teams in the league. Rubbing it in their faces along the way, Lebron striking outrageous poses while his shots still hung in the air. Will Chicago even watch the tape? ZA thinks not, because those four minutes show what the Heat can do at their best. And, quite simply, no one can beat it.

But that's no fun, so let's assume they won't play their absolute best. Do the Bulls have enough?

Well they've got home court advantage. They've got the league's best defense. They've got the MVP, who in this series will be the THIRD best player on the court (it's great Derrick won, it was a beautiful story, but don't fake). And they've got the Coach of the Year, who is so intense it feels like you should avert your eyes. Please don't mike Thibs up anymore TNT and ESPN. His voice gives us nightmares.

Picking against Miami is tough, because really they could beat any team 4-0. But there's going to be a letdown after the catharsis of beating the Celtics, so that's one game. The Bulls' D is hot enough to win another game all by itself. We watched an Erik Spoelstra press conference recently and wanted to put a boot through the television screen after two minutes. That's gotta cost them a game. And if the Bulls need a boost, they've got Barack. Dude killed Osama, he can hook it up.

Bulls in 6

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