May 10, 2011

The Russell Westbrook Problem

Russell Westbrook, the 22 year old All Star point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has received a staggering amount of criticism this postseason, mostly for jacking up shots that could be going to teammate Kevin Durant. Although it's a fascinating development, it's pretty much covered at this point:
 So let's move on to something really troubling.

Note: Getty Images requested that we pay $402 to use this image.  After a long talk with the Zards ALards! legal department, we're pretty sure they were kidding.

Above is Russell Westbrook's angry face. We've been seeing it after made shots (take that critics!) and misses (dang!), so we've been seeing it a lot. And it stinks! It's way too smirky. Combined with his somewhat feminine, human-of-the-future bone structure, he just looks silly. Come on Russ! Don't go the Kobe Bryant route!

We've got a lot of respect for Kobes, but his mean face is stupid. Westbrook is young enough to switch things up. The man does amazing, amazing things on the court. Witness:

Thanks again Getty!
It's about time his mug caught up with the rest of his game. And if he wants to start passing to Durant, that would be cool too.

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  1. You're retarded. Go away. If you have any basketball i.q. at all you would know that Scott Brooks (head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder) tells Russell Westbrook to get a look at the basket if you can not put the ball in the hands of Kevin Durant. Last night Durant was almost always triple-teamed at all times. If it is not possible to do what your coach says... What else is there do to? Turn the ball over, or get a decent look at the basket? Yes, he is bad at finishing... good thing he is only 22 years old. If he were to make all these shots you would make this blog saying he is the next Michael Jordan.